Special investigation for chemical companies started

In order to implement the three-year action requirements for the special rectification of hazardous chemical safety and fire safety, and to accurately prevent and control various risks faced by the “two priorities and one major” chemical enterprises, the Mudanjiang Fire Rescue Detachment established a special inspection team to deepen the “two priorities and one major” “Major” chemical companies carried out comprehensive investigation and remediation work.

According to reports, the special inspection team successively came to the Mudanjiang Oil Depot of PetroChina Heilongjiang Mudanjiang Sales Branch, Mudanjiang First Control Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and other units to conduct inspections to learn in detail whether the unit’s site has an emergency plan, whether the inspection record is complete, and whether the fire fighting equipment is equipped. Compliance with regulations, whether fire-fighting facilities are operating normally, whether the use of electrical equipment is reasonable, whether personnel on duty are on duty, whether employees are on duty with certificates, evacuation routes, safety exits, whether safety distances meet the requirements of the regulations, etc., and randomly check multiple current employees The use of fire extinguishers and knowledge of fire safety, together with the person in charge of the company and technical engineers, analyzed the physical and chemical properties of the company’s hazardous chemicals, put forward countermeasures for possible disasters, and checked the internal pages of materials, fire water sources, and fire protection on site. The facilities and equipment have tested the capabilities of the enterprise’s miniature fire station.

Post time: Jul-21-2020